#015: Devorah Spilman | How to Harness the Power of Metaphor and Story in Sales, Marketing and Communication

Straight Talk Sales & Marketing | Devorah Spilman

Devorah Spilman: Master Storyteller says:

In all my 30 years of storytelling I have worked with every type of entrepreneur from teachers, performers and trainers. In every venue I see the power of storytelling in all its forms. My current focus is on business training as this has become a strongly identified need in the corporate, entrepreneurial and sales communities. Many people know the power of stories, but do not know how to access that power. I have discovered some simple and effective techniques for helping people bring stories, metaphors and images into their communications. I do these trainings for individuals and groups and offer on going coaching to help people move from thinking “this is great,” to being able to actually use storytelling in their work naturally and successfully.”

The use of metaphor is extremely effective in getting a complex message across clearly and succinctly and in making your story memorable.

This interview will include Devorah’s unique guided process called S.T.A.T.E. It is a powerful experiential exercise that will allow all listeners to leave this interview with a new metaphor to use in their business. You will also learn how to repeat this process to find and use powerful metaphors in your sales, marketing and communication. This process can also be used to find stories from ones past to use in their business.


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