#021: Janet Clark Interviews Shawn Shewchuk, author of Change Your Mind, Change Your Results and the #1 Results Coach in the Country

Shawn Shewchuk, author of the bestselling book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Results is a sought after speaker and the #1 Results Coach in the Country.
Through a unique combination of knowledge and humour, Shawn engages and energizes audiences to aim higher and achieve greater results. His speeches aren’t just about business and planning. They’re about believing in your goals and objectives. Most importantly, they are about results – the missing component in many people’s lives.
Shawn Shewchuk has spent nearly two decades assisting individuals and organizations throughout North America, with an intense focus on nothing but the results.
A dynamic motivational speaker, Shawn not only looks at the big picture, but on the practical applications and the ability to manage risk. Through his own intensely personal and compelling success story, he shows his audiences how the power of persistence and perspective can trigger enormous change.
Shawn Shewchuk is among the most sought-after speakers in North America.
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